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The minimum price is $15.

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Throughout the week we will collect funds to help affected families.

Send it to Ukraine

Every Monday we will donate money to verified non-profit organizations that are helping affected people from Ukraine


We are the founders of Наш Stand-Up Club and we are Ukrainian. One year ago, we set ourselves the goal to bring together Ukrainian, Russian, Moldovan, Belarusian, all Eastern European communities in the USA and reunite them by the power of humor and entertainment because we are the same.

Everything has changed since Russia invaded Ukraine. There are no more jokes in this situation. We hope and pray for a peaceful resolution to the unprovoked and unacceptable Russian invasion.

During this difficult time for the Ukrainian people, we want to help peaceful people who suffered from the war. Many victims were left without their homes, food, and water—basic necessities for living. Buying this T-shirt you can save someone’s life. All collected funds from sales will be transferred to the humanitarian aid to Ukraine

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