Nash Stand Up
Nash Stand Up

Let us make you laugh. Make you smile. Make you happy.
Our stand-up comedians will perform in Russian language
Come And Have Fun With Us!


During this difficult time for the Ukrainian people, we want to help peaceful people who suffered from the war. Many victims were left without their homes, food, and water—basic necessities for living. Buying this T-shirt you can save someone's life. All collected funds from sales will be transferred to the humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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Goal of Nash Stand Up project is to bring together Ukrainian, Russian, Moldovan, Belarusian, all Eastern European communities and reunite them by offering good quality entertainment, funny immigration jokes, music and an enjoyable atmosphere.

Food & Appetizers

*** Restaurant is a gateway to great eats & drinks designed to impress and bring people together. We deliver culinary driven cuisine from around the world with an Eastern European flair.

Drink & Beer

Explore the best wine & spirits. People who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full, miss the point. The glass is refillable! 

Special Comedians

Our comedians will compete with each other who can make you laugh more. Participants will perform their jokes about immigration, living and working in the USA.


We want to make you laugh! We want to get together in a cozy home atmosphere, forget about all worries and listen to funny comedians who will talk about what they have experienced and what they have been sick with (and this is not a joke about COVID). We want to joke about what is close to us, what tickles our souls away from the Motherland. Finally, the first to show what the taste and laughter of the “soul of emigration” is.



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